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"Our goal is to supply product that will maximize your profitability through better design, quality and timely delivery!"
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At Proplastex Industries Inc. we work with you to make products that will increase your profitability through better design, quality and timely delivery! Not just simple standard plastic extrusions, but well designed profiles that have to be right the first time, every time. Our in-house engineering will utilize plastic extrusions of any imaginable design.

In addition to our Custom Capabilities, we supply Gypsum and Drywall Industry with Taper Belts! We have several stock dies which are available to meet quick turn around for made to order requirements.

In order for your design to be as economical as possible, consider the following points:

  • Keep the profile simple. Varying wall thicknesses, multiple hollows, and tight corners require more specific tooling and development time.
  • Uniform wall thickness is a good rule of thumb. If varying wall thicknesses are necessary a gradual transition between the segments is desirable. Remeber that wall thickness is proportional to the volume of material used and therefore cost.
  • Hollows require specialized tooling that costs slightly more than standard tooling. Hollows also form a heat trap that sometimes require more cooling and a slower line speed, resulting in higher costs. Avoid them if they are not necessary.
  • Sharp edges are stress risers. Rounded edges relieve stress and give a more durable part. They are also easier, simpler, and more consistent to extrude.

Be realistic with tolerances. Tight tolerances can significantly raise costs. Remember that you are dealing with plastic; no matter what length you cut it, plastic expands in the summer and contracts in the winter.

With Proplastex you can expect:

Design Assistance
Short Lead Time
Competitive Pricing

"... well designed profiles that have to be right the first time, every time."

Proplastex Product

Proplastex Product

Proplastex Product